Sally Coleman (Soprano)

“Anyone who loves singing, likes good company and enjoys a good laugh would love our choir. Hannah [our choir mistress] is so enthusiastic, it’s catching. We learn a wide range of music from popular to gospel to classic. We do several concerts during the year, it’s just brilliant; and now we have a new website, it’s easy to keep up with all current events.”

Cherry-Ann Grant (Lady Tenor)

“For an antidote to cares and woes join the most enthusiastic, friendly, upbeat choir, directed by Hannah Brear (brilliant musician) and look forward to enjoying the directions it takes you.”

Jayne Heath (Alto)

“I joined the Medina Community Choir just over a year ago, found it purely by chance after reading a newspaper article about them. I have enjoyed every single minute that I get to share with them. We learn a variety of music. Hannah, the choir mistress, is just amazing and has the most wonderful sense of humour, it’s a real tonic to go along each week. She shares her love of singing with us all, helping and guiding us through each piece we do. The Choir is made up from all walks of life and all age groups, everyone is made welcome by this amazing bunch of people. Singing is such a brilliant release after a hard day at work. Thank you to everyone involved, I just love it so much.” 

Kathie Glynn (Soprano)

“I have been with the choir since 2007, when there were only about a dozen members. Over the years it has gone from strength to strength with all the new members bringing their own special qualities. I just love it and look forward to each rehearsal and performance we do. I think we are brilliant, all thanks to Hannah.”

Karen Cole (Soprano and Choir Secretary)

“I joined the choir in January 2008 having been to the Christmas concert the previous December – I’d only ever sung in a school choir, many many years before, but was so impressed and inspired by the singers that I wanted to be part of it. I never for one moment thought I’d be any good…but Hannah, our director, brings out the best in everyone and the sense of confidence and pride that follows each performance is something that has changed my life forever. I’ve even done some solos…not amazingly well, but for me it was a huge step and a massive boost for my confidence!!

Choirmates are amazing people – who would have thought that such a diverse group of people, of all ages and backgrounds, could gel so well together to make not just wonderful sounds, but wonderful friends too. They are all so friendly, welcoming, encouraging and helpful that each rehearsal is happy experience, and I look forward to each one. Hannah is such a dedicated, encouraging director that she makes you want to do well and improve – the range of facial expressions she has are such a window onto how we sound…you strive for the smile, even if you get a few ‘grimaces’ along the way!

We have gone from strength to strength, not just in terms of the numbers, but also the sound we produce and the range of music we perform. It’s an extremely fulfilling experience and one I’m so proud and glad to be part of.”