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Royal MP3 files

The plan for our next concert is to create several MP3 versions of the notes to sing-along to. This post will have the links added to it as new songs are uploaded. The pages for these files are only available to Choir Members.

The songs available are:

If you have any questions, then contact Kieron.

Rehearsal Files for July 2015 Concert

Audio files for rehearsal are being added to the website, and links will be posted here when new songs are available.

The songs are:

Files for Summer 2014 Concert

MP3 rehearsal files to help learn the songs for the summer concert will be uploaded to the website. These are only available to registered users, and can be found at the links below.

Audio Files for Rehearsal for Isle of Arts

MP3 files to listen to your part are now available in the members’ area of the website. The songs available so far are:

Rehearsal Audio Files for Christmas 2013

The audio files for the Christmas 2013 concert, which are uploaded for use in learning parts, will be linked from this post. Only registered members can access these files.

Also available from previous years:


Some Downloads for Tour

A small number of files are available for the Choir to download for rehearsal and practice of the music for the tour. Note that Shenandoah only has the upper parts (sorry basses). Only registered members can access these pages.

Downloads for Concert

The rehearsal files for the Magic from the Movies concert have been added to, and Somewhere Out There revised with the key change. The complete list is in this older post.

Downloads for the Magic From the Movies Concert

Several pieces we are rehearsing for the July Magic from the Movies concert are available for members to download to listen to their parts. I’ll be putting these up on the website as we rehearse them, and updating this post with the links. As usual, you need to be a registered member of the site, and logged in, to access these pages.

The list of songs:

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of our readers and regular followers of the Choir. The members of the Choir were rather dropping like flies just before Christmas with our long festive season schedule, with many folks catching the various bugs going around, so the holidays were a very welcome time for some rest and recuperation. Nevertheless, we still had good numbers of folks at all of our Christmas engagements, creating a fantastic Christmas atmosphere wherever we sang.

After our rest over Christmas and New Year, the Choir restarts rehearsals this week, preparing for our July concert, which will feature music from the movies. There will be many new songs for the Choir to learn. We will also be starting on the repertoire for our summer tour to the Loire Valley in the next couple of months.

In terms of membership, we are still at capacity, and so still have a waiting list for ladies, which is currently about 30 people long. Men who would like to join continue to have the privilege of skipping the waiting list, as in common with many choirs we are always on the lookout for more men to keep the balance of sound.

More Audio Files for Christmas

As reported in an earlier post and announced at rehearsal, I’m working on transferring some of the pieces we are performing to an audio format for people to listen to and help them learn their notes. I’ll update this post with links to the documents as I create them. It’ll be a process over some weeks (more than likely).

Remember you need to be a member of the choir and registered for this site in order to access these pages.

All the Christmas songs so far: