Main Events


Join us at Medina Theatre on Thursday 14th December 2017 for our Christmas concert – a celebration of Christmas party anthems through the decades. Tickets available from Medina Theatre

Other events during Christmas:

  • December 3rd, 12-1:30pm – Cowes Baptist Church German Market (
  • December 4th, 7pm – Singalong at Man in the Moon, Newport
  • December 17th, 10am – Massed Choir Christmas Concert, Quay Arts, Newport


Calendar of Events

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  1. Catherine Mackirdy

    Is there a rehearsal this thursday 5/04

    • There is no rehearsal this week. Next rehearsal is for sopranos, plus anyone else who wants to join in, on Monday; then Thursday as usual.

  2. Could you please let me know how can I obtain tickets for your concert at All Saint’s Church on the 8th December

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