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May It Be

The Choir have been singing Enya’s May It Be since we did our Music from the Movies concert in 2013, and it is very much enjoyed by us all. We used it as part of our gospel rep on tour last summer, and a video of one of those performances is below. This was filmed on a very hot day, when a few plans of places to visit did not come together (due to traffic, mostly), and you cannot tell from the Choir’s performance how hot and tired we were. We gave our usual high standard of concert that evening, and very much enjoyed ourselves.

Down to the River to Pray

I’ve just uploaded a clip of the Choir singing Down to the River to Pray in Chamalieres-sur-Loire while on tour in summer. It seems a long time ago now. The odd thing about the night of this concert was that the heavens had opened and it was exceptionally wet, a merciful respite from the heat of the previous few days. I hope you enjoy the singing.


Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Here is a clip from our Christmas concert of our youngest soloist at our Christmas concert at Medina Theatre. It is Ella Brear singing the hit from Disney’s film Frozen, Do You Want to Build a Snowman?. We reckon she did a brilliant job and showed great singing and acting skills. We hope you like it too.

Don’t Forget Isle of Wight Festival 2010

While harking on about Bestival and backing FatBoy Slim, let’s not forget that the Choir have form when it comes to performing on the main stage of festivals. In 2010 we backed Melanie Safka for her performance of Lay Down. For many reasons it was an altogether different experience, in almost every way. In fact the only similarity, apart from the main stage bit, is that they both involved clapping!

Check it out for yourself:

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

It’s still a few weeks until Christmas but the lights are going up and the nights are getting long. To help get you in the mood, we’ve uploaded a clip from our concert at East Cowes Town Hall last year to Youtube. It features the Choir singing ‘Why Not Buy An Extra Present?’, which is not a common Christmas song but has good harmonies and the message is an important one.

Our Musical Director Singing with the Royal Marines Band

Our Musical Director, Hannah Brear, sang Jerusalem with Her Majesty’s Band of the Royal Marines, Portsmouth, at the concert the Choir took part in recently. We don’t have much in the way of photos or footage from that concert but one member of the audience did film Hannah singing Jerusalem. It is a fantastic arrangement, and Hannah sings it superbly. Have a watch and give it a Like!


Clips from Motown Concert

These are not the best quality but they do give a flavour of the excellent Motown concert the Choir gave on July 12th. For those in the Choir, it’s a chance to see what an impressive sight we were, as well as creating a great sound. I think the risers at the back and having that extra height at the back really adds to the stature of the performance.

Here is the first video that I’ve processed and put on Youtube, more will follow. It is our Director, Hannah Brear, with Cyrus Dean singing Sail On.

Here is the second clip, this time of all the Choir enjoying being part of our encore of All Night Long. The audience was up and dancing and clapping, and it was a great feeling to be in the Choir seeing people appreciating our concert.

Now the final video, a medley of several of the songs performed on the night, including a clip from the Island Community Glee Club. You’ll hear Heard It Through The Grapevine, the blokes singing My Girl, Nick Sephton’s first solo with the Choir, plus several others. It’s a fantastic 6 minutes of viewing.

Superstition in Rehearsal

During the singathon yesterday, I shot a video of Superstition being rehearsed on my phone. Paul, the soloist, was given no warning before the day that Cyrus, the usual soloist, was not going to be at the singathon, and he bravely and expertly stepped in, and sang Superstition very well on a number of occasions during the day.

The Choir are practising the moves for this piece in the video. It was still early days for learning this, so we’re were far from perfect. To get the full effect of this, you’ll need to be at Medina Theatre on 12th July.

So here is the video.