"We have had such wonderful experiences and learnt songs from all genres and made many friends with this lovely bunch of people. My daughter and granddaughter also joined the choir, so three generations sing together. Always a fun night out."
Hazel H

"I’m a comparative newcomer to the choir. Singing in Carnegie Hall was absolutely amazing – a real highlight."
Linda W

"I love choir. Makes me happy when the rest of my life can be a bit frenetic!"
Mariam R

"I've made so many friends but mainly had a fantastic time singing a wide variety of music in some amazing venues near and far. Always fun at rehearsals as well as the hard work. So glad I joined."
Astrid W


"I have been part of the choir for 12 years. I have made so many lovely friends. We have had some wonderful experiences, such as tours to France, singing in Carnegie Hall, singing with various celebrities and just all singing together in our concerts. It is a big part of my life and I always look forward to our rehearsal."
Kathleen G

"I joined the choir a year ago, and I’ve loved every evening singing since. My mum and sister were already part of the choir and were always asking me to join! I’ve grown more confident in singing and it's made me step out of my comfort zone. The highlight of being in the choir so far was going on the French tour, an amazing opportunity! Most importantly I love meeting new people and the community aspect of coming together and singing!"
Jenna W

"I've been in the choir for 11 years and just love the opportunity to sing such a varied repertoire. Whatever daily problems come and go, I can always guarantee a fun-filled choir rehearsal where the challenges of the day just melt away!"
Rosalind N

"Been with the choir for just over 10 years. My first experience with them was singing at the Isle of Wight Festival, and singing with Lesley Garrett at the Ventnor fringe. Three French tours, and the best, singing at Carnegie Hall. Wow, would never have had these opportunities if it wasn't for Hannah influencing us. May it continue for a long long time."
Sally C

"What can I say, choir is the place to be! Have had so many experiences and shared them with amazing people. It's a home from home but with more fun!"
Tina M

"I've been with the choir ten years and can't imagine life without it. The friendships with others, the quality of our singing and the inspiration we get from Hannah is so amazing. She is a hugely talented and exceptional person who has given the choir fantastic opportunities to perform. The choir is what makes my life complete."
Linda J

"It's a special place, an inspiring place, a family, led by a special lady who always has a smile and a joke to tell. I don't know what I'd do without you, MCC."
Penny G

"My choir is my bit of me time. Great social life if you need it. We are all in a great team and the singing is a great learning curve for one that doesn't read music."
Barbara W

"Absolutely love it. Amazing people singing a wide variety of music taught by the best conductor ever."
Amy C


"Therapy in more ways than you can imagine! Singing with like-minded people is good for the soul."
Helen L

"Joining this choir is one of the best things I have done with my life."
Jill L

"This choir has quite simply changed my life (for the better). Special thanks to the Bass Boys."
Roger B

"I joined the choir three years ago and loved the strong, rounded sound, deep basses to young sopranos. I enjoy the mix of ages, the warm friendship and the challenge of learning difficult harmonies and styles. Hannah emphasises our technique and our success in Carnegie Hall was largely due to her diligent teaching and encouragement."
Betty R

"Community, therapy, laughter, support and challenge is what MCC is all about. Massive part of my life in so many positive ways and hopefully always will be."
Claire R

"I love being part of the choir. I love the fun, the challenge, never knowing what type of music we will be challenged with next. For those hours that I'm at rehearsal the rest of life and its challenges takes a back seat and gives a bit of respite. Hannah knows how to bring out the best in us and gives us so many amazing opportunities. Hard work but fun times with great people. Love, love, love it!"
An D

"I love the friendship I have made since joining the choir, I get depressed if for some reason I can't go. Hannah just makes me smile."
Kath W

"Thought I'd try learning a skill I had never tried before when I retired, to keep my brain active and hold old age back. I feel younger than I did when I started three years ago. So it worked!"
Dee W

"I was told by good friends what fun the choir was but really I hadn't a clue what a positive effect it would have on my life until I'd experienced it. Love singing, love the sound we are guided so well to create, love the friends I've made… no regrets in joining the MCC!"
Mark R

"That feeling when you collectively achieve something that you never dreamed possible because the choir is more than just the sum of its parts. I’m so proud to be a part of it and so grateful for the learning. It’s hard work but truly, truly joyous."
Petra M

"Three years of joy! Sing fit is better than any Zumba class as it keeps body and mind together. A warm welcome from all and plenty of laughs provided by Hannah, Musical Director fantastic,with the patience of Jobe.. Singing the Magnificat at Carnegie Hall was the most emotional and rewarding life experience."
Olga H

"The main reason I'm on the island is the choir family. I could write pages of superlatives about She who must be obeyed, but she knows what she is to us, as do the special folk in this super group."
Denis H

"I always leave rehearsals feeling uplifted. I love the variety of music and performances. I've made lots of friends here, too."
Wendy V


Rehearsal photos by Robert Longford